Feed Hay on Grass

High production dairy animals often have a tough time getting enough feed to produce milk to their potential and to keep up their body weight. Especially for a home dairy, you’re already struggling with high feed costs anyhow and maybe feeding too much grain.

Hay, How to Feed Hay, How much Hay do Cows Need?

Here’s all you do.

Always have high quality hay available for heavy milking animals even if they are on good pasture. That way the milking animal can keep a full belly. A full belly will solve all sorts of trouble.

Letting animals have access to feed just makes it easier on them. Grazing is hard work and cows only graze for a limited time each day.
Feed more hay and less concentrates with grain and get better results.

Feeding hay on grass:

Eases the work for the cows,
Makes it more likely that they’ll have a full belly,
Makes moving cattle to more pasture less critical,
Makes it easier to cut back on concentrates.

It sounds too simple to be of benefit. Try it and you’ll see that the little bit of hay can really boost animal performance.

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