The Number 1 Survival Requirement – It’s About Community

It’s clear that tiny ranching and farming is related to survival.

Though I don’t really understand much of what some other people are up to as preppers and survival enthusiasts, what’s a little concerning or funny to me is the lists of requirements for survival.

Most folks seem to agree on the critical importance of water and then you get a lot of interest in guns and food storage and so forth.  That’s all well and good but much of that kind of thinking is in my mind pretty short sighted.  Here’s why.

If you live in the right spot and have the right neighbors and friends, all kinds of things get really easy and even fun.  Live in the wrong spot and you must start giving lots of thoughts to battles and weapons and defense.  If these kinds of things are high on your list of preparation activities, you are in the wrong spot.

It’s relationships that make “survival” most attainable.

In fact, who wants to just “survive” anyway?  I’d rather thrive than survive. Maybe we need a “thriving” movement rather than a survival movement. After all, how long can one survive on stored food?  There comes an end to your stored food no matter how much you have.  Long term living requires thinking about sustainability.

Sustainability is a lot about who you know and how you relate to those around you. The problem is that developing relationships is a lot harder and takes a lot longer than storing food or buying equipment.  But without good relationships with neighbors, you’re in trouble anyway.

And good relationships are based on trust and mutual respect.

The number one requirement for long term happiness in a rural environment is building relationships with neighbors.  It takes time and  is a lot easier if neighbors are related to you or at least they know your family.

Being a good neighbor is the first step to building community and developing a thriving life rather than just a surviving life.  That’s true in planned communities as well as in just your average old regular kind of community.  Be nice to folks around you no matter where you are.

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