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What We Do With Okra

One of our big summer garden crops here is okra! We have tried several different varieties of okra, and it seems as if it’s very acclimated to our weather and thrives very well! Last summer our chief cook of the … Continue reading

Tiny Ranch Hot Sauce

Spicy foods are a big hit at our Tiny Ranch! In fact, hot sauce is our favorite condiment, and is used at every meal. I used to go through so many of those little bottles of purchased hot sauce, until … Continue reading

How To Tell When Sweet Corn Is Ripe

Don’t you just love good fresh sweet corn? Many of the new sweet corn varieties are great, even if they aren’t quite ripe yet. They are even good when quite a bit past their peak. Especially if eaten raw right … Continue reading

Some Open Pollinated Sweet Corn Thoughts

Contrast conventional hybrids with older non-hybrids. Why not just use non-hybrids or, as they are called, open-pollinated sweet corn seed? The truth is open-pollinated sweet corn generally isn’t very sweet. As the seed catalogs point out, some people like the … Continue reading

Okra Is For Us

Cotton grows well where we live. Okra in the garden thrives in the same kind of conditions as cotton. I know okra is grown successfully in many parts of the world, but here in the hot, steamy upper South we … Continue reading

Garden Tiller Advantages – 7 Ideas

I’ve gone on record as less than a fan of garden tillers. For several reasons, I think many gardens would be better off without a tiller. Over and over I see tiller-made-gardens flounder and turn prematurely to weeds and grass. … Continue reading

Fun With Sweet Corn

If you talk about sweet corn in our part of the world, sweet corn eaters talk about Peaches & Cream and Silver Queen varieties. I know people buy other sweet corn seed like Merit, Bodacious and Incredible for I watch … Continue reading

Lettuce to Share!

God has truly blessed us this year (2017) with lettuce in abundance! We are thankful! We planted our lettuce patch in the early part of spring on a bed that was used in the fall for daikon radishes, so it … Continue reading

Pass the Peas, Please!

The description in the Southern Exposure Seed Exchange catalog read: Sugar Ann- Extra-early. Crisp, flavorful 3 in. snap peas. Compact 2 ft. vines don’t require trellising. Also good for fall crop. Freezes well. Last year (2016) we planted Mammoth Melting … Continue reading

Spring Salad Bowl

The first beautiful days of spring can bring cravings for the clean feeling of eating greens fresh from your garden! Happily, even before you have a lush, mature lettuce/greens patch, you can supplement your homegrown micro-greens with lots of wild … Continue reading