Category: Tiny Ranchers

What We Do With Okra

One of our big summer garden crops here is okra! We have tried several different varieties of okra, and it seems as if it’s very acclimated to our weather and thrives very well! Last summer our chief cook of the … Continue reading

A Tiny House From A Rustic Portable Building

In a world of slim finances and scarce resources, a tiny house makes a lot of sense. Much of the time big living spaces mostly just attract clutter anway. Many folks, us included, have about had it with clutter. What … Continue reading

Beating the Heat

When you live in a hot part of the world, it’s pretty impossible to ignore the fact that summer heat can put a major dent in your ranch’s production level. When the animals are panting and the plants are dry, … Continue reading

The Number 1 Survival Requirement – It’s About Community

It’s clear that tiny ranching and farming is related to survival. Though I don’t really understand much of what some other people are up to as preppers and survival enthusiasts, what’s a little concerning or funny to me is the … Continue reading