Category: Milk Production

“We All Scream for Ice Cream!”

Mmmmm…During the summer time, there’s nothing much better than a big bowl of ice cream! And how about delicious, homemade ice cream made yourself?! We enjoy lots of it during this time of year and thought we’d share one of our … Continue reading

Tour of My Milking Kit

One of the most exciting, yet intimidating, parts of preparing for the arrival of dairy goats on the ranch is shopping through catalogs with hundreds and hundreds of products you just have to have! So what’s the balance between being … Continue reading

Tips for Milking Like a Pro Home-Dairyman

Here are a few tips to make milking a family milk cow a lot easier. By taking these few steps you can get cleaner milk and more of it too! ○  Get yourself a milking stanchion. It just makes it … Continue reading

Sell More Soap!

One popular craft that comes from many tiny ranches is handmade soap. Soap making is such an interesting hobby and fun to be involved in as well. If you make a lot of soap, it’s natural to wonder whether you … Continue reading

A Milk Product That Worked for Us

Coming up with profitable products from fields and farms can be a challenge, but the small dairy can be a source of profits.  We stumbled upon a quite popular niche product based on milk. It’s milk soap, and unlike most … Continue reading