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We Have an Animal and Fowl Clean-up Crew. Should You?

On a small place many clean-up tasks can be accomplished by birds and animals. These workers often accomplish tasks for free, or maybe even at a profit for you. Here’s what I mean. All kinds of creatures are glad to … Continue reading

Growing Better Pastures

We have these fields across the road from us and they are a real object lesson in growing grass. The land is in some sort of government wealth-transfer program. For years it’s just been mowed in sections and not all … Continue reading

A Tiny House From A Rustic Portable Building

In a world of slim finances and scarce resources, a tiny house makes a lot of sense. Much of the time big living spaces mostly just attract clutter anway. Many folks, us included, have about had it with clutter. What … Continue reading

Garden Tiller Advantages – 7 Ideas

I’ve gone on record as less than a fan of garden tillers. For several reasons, I think many gardens would be better off without a tiller. Over and over I see tiller-made-gardens flounder and turn prematurely to weeds and grass. … Continue reading

Buckwheat in the Garden

We followed our onion crop with Buckwheat this year. I’m reminded upon watching it grow some advantages of this oft-mentioned cover crop. I’m not sure upon reflection why we don’t plant it more often. Buckwheat just springs up under far … Continue reading

Spring Salad Bowl

The first beautiful days of spring can bring cravings for the clean feeling of eating greens fresh from your garden! Happily, even before you have a lush, mature lettuce/greens patch, you can supplement your homegrown micro-greens with lots of wild … Continue reading

Some Highly Useful Southern Weeds

Many common plants in southern fields, pastures, and ditch banks originated in other parts of the world. In fact, most pasture plants are non-native. Many of the most difficult weeds to handle in row crop farming and gardening are non-native. … Continue reading