Category: Gleaning

What We Do With Okra

One of our big summer garden crops here is okra! We have tried several different varieties of okra, and it seems as if it’s very acclimated to our weather and thrives very well! Last summer our chief cook of the … Continue reading

Blackberries I Have Known

My Grandmother Bullington constructed fabulous blackberry cobblers. I’m not at all sure what made them what they were.  My brother agrees with my opinion of them being something special, so I’m sure they weren’t just special in my imagination!

Spring Salad Bowl

The first beautiful days of spring can bring cravings for the clean feeling of eating greens fresh from your garden! Happily, even before you have a lush, mature lettuce/greens patch, you can supplement your homegrown micro-greens with lots of wild … Continue reading

A Layered Home Food Production System

The possibilities for home food production are so huge. Producing your own food fosters independence, a sense of accomplishment, and just plain old fun. Gardening is an obvious food producing spot, but there are many other possible approaches. Consider the … Continue reading

Fishing As A Survival Skill

Ranches of every size require water. If that water is in the form of ponds, lakes, creeks or rivers then you have the chance for a change of diet – if you fish! Certainly there are all sorts of ways … Continue reading

Gleaning Opportunities for Those Who Will Work For Food

If you are known as somebody who knows what to do with fruits and vegetables you will get opportunities to glean.  Lots of people hate to see food go to waste, so here is what happens. Not really all that … Continue reading