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Blackberries I Have Known

My Grandmother Bullington constructed fabulous blackberry cobblers. I’m not at all sure what made them what they were.  My brother agrees with my opinion of them being something special, so I’m sure they weren’t just special in my imagination!

An Easier Way to Strawberries

There’s nothing quite like snipping off a bright red strawberry that’s bursting with flavor and popping it in your mouth, right in your own strawberry patch- it’s a wonderful experience! It’s pretty easy to deal with everything about strawberries. Eating … Continue reading

Survival Watermelon Patch

Though watermelons may not be one of the most necessary foods, they sure are something to look forward to. Especially as you get into summer nothing much beats them. Here’s a way to grow watermelons that works with little labor … Continue reading

Growing Red Raspberries Is Not So Hard – Even Here In The Heat

Hardly anyone around here has much interest in growing raspberries. After all, they are trickier to grow than most other berries and they’re pretty marginal in the South, according to what you read. Our one row of red raspberries is … Continue reading

The 21 Melon Emergency

We, my sons and I, were out of town for the weekend.  My daughter answered when I called home and rather than asking how she was doing, I asked if anything interesting was going on or if they had any … Continue reading