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We Have an Animal and Fowl Clean-up Crew. Should You?

On a small place many clean-up tasks can be accomplished by birds and animals. These workers often accomplish tasks for free, or maybe even at a profit for you. Here’s what I mean. All kinds of creatures are glad to … Continue reading

Growing Better Pastures

We have these fields across the road from us and they are a real object lesson in growing grass. The land is in some sort of government wealth-transfer program. For years it’s just been mowed in sections and not all … Continue reading

Some Highly Useful Southern Weeds

Many common plants in southern fields, pastures, and ditch banks originated in other parts of the world. In fact, most pasture plants are non-native. Many of the most difficult weeds to handle in row crop farming and gardening are non-native. … Continue reading

GMO Livestock Feed

Genetically modified plant materials in feeds for livestock seems weird to me. It also seems suspicious that these materials were considered essentially the same as non GMO materials with virtually no testing. Well, the word is getting out that animals … Continue reading

Reacting to High Grain Prices

When grains are at record prices, that also means that manufactured feed products for livestock carry high prices as well. What’s a small stock farmer or rancher to do when the price of feed seems almost like some kind of … Continue reading

Feed Hay on Grass

High production dairy animals often have a tough time getting enough feed to produce milk to their potential and to keep up their body weight. Especially for a home dairy, you’re already struggling with high feed costs anyhow and maybe … Continue reading

Benefits of Buying Hay

Making your own hay is a great way to make use of the spring excess of forage.  It’s also a great way to make your place look better. Plus, if you have your own equipment, you get the fun of … Continue reading

Hay Day

Last weekend we stacked hay into the barn. These bales should be the last we need for many months. This year our hay supply is all in square bales. Of course square bale hay costs more than round bale hay. But … Continue reading