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Best Hoes for Heavy Soils

Hoes are used for several different tasks in gardens and fields. I’m sure some hoes that look useless to me have applications in light, airy soils. In the heavy soils, often mostly clay, I’ve been associated with, it takes a … Continue reading

Garden Tiller Advantages – 7 Ideas

I’ve gone on record as less than a fan of garden tillers. For several reasons, I think many gardens would be better off without a tiller. Over and over I see tiller-made-gardens flounder and turn prematurely to weeds and grass. … Continue reading

Tour of My Milking Kit

One of the most exciting, yet intimidating, parts of preparing for the arrival of dairy goats on the ranch is shopping through catalogs with hundreds and hundreds of products you just have to have! So what’s the balance between being … Continue reading

My 4 Favorite Garden Digging Tools

We garden using dug beds so we do some digging in the garden. Proper digging tools help us minimize the effort it takes to build and maintain our garden. Our soils are relatively heavy and hard at times. Some tools … Continue reading

My Favorite Garden Weeders

When I was three years old, our neighbor traded me an orange plastic tubby fish for my garden bed weeder, which was an old windshield wiper blade. She likely figured my “weeding” in her flowerbeds would be less effective with … Continue reading

Long-Term Test: The Vita-Mix Super Total Nutrition Center

We really have never bought a lot of the high-priced kitchen gadgets.  We’ve had good results with just a few basic high quality appliances.  The Kitchen-Aid stand mixer has been generally pretty good.  We’ve used bread machines that were good.  … Continue reading