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We Have an Animal and Fowl Clean-up Crew. Should You?

On a small place many clean-up tasks can be accomplished by birds and animals. These workers often accomplish tasks for free, or maybe even at a profit for you. Here’s what I mean. All kinds of creatures are glad to … Continue reading

Tour of My Milking Kit

One of the most exciting, yet intimidating, parts of preparing for the arrival of dairy goats on the ranch is shopping through catalogs with hundreds and hundreds of products you just have to have! So what’s the balance between being … Continue reading

GMO Livestock Feed

Genetically modified plant materials in feeds for livestock seems weird to me. It also seems suspicious that these materials were considered essentially the same as non GMO materials with virtually no testing. Well, the word is getting out that animals … Continue reading

Tips for Milking Like a Pro Home-Dairyman

Here are a few tips to make milking a family milk cow a lot easier. By taking these few steps you can get cleaner milk and more of it too! ○  Get yourself a milking stanchion. It just makes it … Continue reading

Reacting to High Grain Prices

When grains are at record prices, that also means that manufactured feed products for livestock carry high prices as well. What’s a small stock farmer or rancher to do when the price of feed seems almost like some kind of … Continue reading

Feed Hay on Grass

High production dairy animals often have a tough time getting enough feed to produce milk to their potential and to keep up their body weight. Especially for a home dairy, you’re already struggling with high feed costs anyhow and maybe … Continue reading

A Milk Product That Worked for Us

Coming up with profitable products from fields and farms can be a challenge, but the small dairy can be a source of profits.  We stumbled upon a quite popular niche product based on milk. It’s milk soap, and unlike most … Continue reading

The Tiny Dairy

For years we ran a one cow dairy.  It just so happened that the one cow was a Jersey cow, and it just so happened that this cow was something of a nut.  Here’s some of what happened… We were … Continue reading