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We Have an Animal and Fowl Clean-up Crew. Should You?

On a small place many clean-up tasks can be accomplished by birds and animals. These workers often accomplish tasks for free, or maybe even at a profit for you. Here’s what I mean. All kinds of creatures are glad to … Continue reading

Heritage Chicken Breed Recommendations- 1941 Agriculture

My agriculture library contains a well-worn copy of the Handbook of Alabama Agriculture (Third Edition) from 1941. This was a product of the Alabama Polytechnic Institute, now known as Auburn University. Edd (Correct Spelling is “Edd”.) Holt, my cousin, gave … Continue reading

Survivor Chickens

Most chickens are dependent on their people for food, water, shelter, and care. Without people’s constant care, most chickens won’t last long at all. Is it possible to keep chickens around who could make it mostly on their own? After … Continue reading

GMO Livestock Feed

Genetically modified plant materials in feeds for livestock seems weird to me. It also seems suspicious that these materials were considered essentially the same as non GMO materials with virtually no testing. Well, the word is getting out that animals … Continue reading

Do Heritage Breed Chickens Really Lay That Many Eggs?

Read the chicken catalogs and you can expect to be covered up with eggs from just a few of those beautiful and interesting heritage breed chickens. But can you really expect to get that many eggs? Well, apparently back in … Continue reading

Reacting to High Grain Prices

When grains are at record prices, that also means that manufactured feed products for livestock carry high prices as well. What’s a small stock farmer or rancher to do when the price of feed seems almost like some kind of … Continue reading

The Chicken as Warrior

You might not think of chickens as fighters, but you put poultry into a free range situation and they are indeed in a battle ground with life and death consequences. Predators are everywhere and somehow they get the word that … Continue reading

Chicken Trading for Fun and Profit

If you raise chickens, you’ll find from time to time that you have birds you don’t want or need. These may be older hens or roosters or just aggravating creatures that you wish were gone. In a lot of cases … Continue reading