Tiny Ranching, Back to the Land, How to Farm, Small FarmingThe concept of ranching might bring to your mind a picture of vast open range land, with a spacious ranch house, busy cowboys working the cattle, eating supper around a campfire and yodeling to the melody of a guitar.

But why don’t we challenge this ideal? Do you dream of “going back to the land,” but feel that you don’t have the means to do so? In reality, opportunity and inspiration abound to begin your homesteading operation in earnest, right where you are…whether that’s a big-city apartment or a small country lot.

The Tiny Ranch principle encourages you to start taking steps, however so tiny, to begin working with the resources you have to care for the health, plants, animals, and land that God has given to us!

Raspberries, Heirloom Raspberries, How to Grow Raspberries, Southern RaspberriesThink okra, peach jam, raspberries, rhubarb pie, goat milk ice cream, ribeyes, and home cured bacon. It all happens right here. Steps to clean, healthy food that you’ve grown yourself are steps toward a worthy goal, so it’s a natural to get started on your Tiny Ranch journey with sprouts in your kitchen and pots on your patio.

Next, let’s branch out with a small flock of chickens to provide eggs and meat. If a little land is in your access, your next step may include a duo of dairy goats or a beef calf.

And when you get ready for a sideline: a specialized craft venture or small business fits so well into the Tiny Rancher’s lifestyle! It all depends on what you want and the directions you choose…and all along the way, you are learning and growing.

Dariy Goats, Raising a Dairy Goat, Which Dairy Goat is Best, Milk Goats, Which Milk Goat is Best?, Nubian Dairy Goats, Nubian Goats, Cute Baby GoatsThis website chronicles some of one family’s vision. It is a vision of stewardship for the earth, of reaching out to others in the community, of growing and eating healthful foods, of enjoying God’s creation, and of living a quiet, peaceful life.

This is a journey through which we have learned many things and we are privileged to be able to share some of those things with you.

By starting and learning right where you are, it is our hope that you’ll stay a while and be inspired to make your dream a reality…